This blog is essentially technical and permit me to keep and share technicials stuffs and thinkings about free softwares, Debian and other things…

Why writting a blog?

  • This is a new way to contribute spreading and using free softwares I like.
  • I can share things I learned during my daily usage of Linux.
  • It can help me to structure and compare some thinkings.
  • It can be a good cheat sheet for a lot of things I do not use so often.
  • Because I want.
  • Because I can possibly earn some money to share with projects I like. See this article from Ploum (in french), I share is point of view on this.

Where this name come from? I like the metaphor where hobgoblins stand for network frames.

License? I selected CC-BY-SA:

  • First, I wanted a free license.
  • CC, because they are popular, legally safe and well fitted for this type of contents.
  • BY, because we all need gratitude.
  • Share Alike: because I wish this contents to be accessible and usable, even if taken, modified and extended. I hesitate about this clause and is actual benefit. Maybe I will remove it in the future.

About me

Landry MINOZA, system and network administrator for 10 years. I'm using Debian daily for about 8 years, ma first installation was with Potato.

You can contact me at: landry.minoza+blog@gmail.com.

You can find my resume on LinkedIn, a few news on Twitter, and a little bit of code on GitHub.